New Workout Plan: Le Petit Bakery’s Squats [REVIEW]

We jumped on the bandwagon. The Doughnut Nation team gave in and decided to test out Le Petit Bakery’s squats. Yep, not cronuts. Squats. Named after the fact that you’ll have to do tons of squats after eating them, these cronut-like donuts are square shaped and deep fried. Le Petit Bakery is located in Fort Greene in Brooklyn and we had no problems rolling in at 9am, not dealing with any lines, and they were pretty lenient on squat limits. So let’s check this out:

The peanut butter squat is childhood in adult form. – Sona

It made me happy then very sad. – Katie

I like the consistency and initial taste but the sweetness and flavors take away from what I liked. Overrated. – Jade

Love it! It tastes like a kouign-amann (typical Britany cake). Definitely not the type of cake you should eat in the summer! – Heloise

Squats seem to be more concept than doughnut; too dense and syrupy sweet for me. – MQ

So rich it’s scary…I think I’m diabetic now. Over the top oily. Couldn’t do more than a bite. – Maryann

What originally tastes too sweet and greasy but still makes you feel like a cool cronut type champ, quickly leaves you feeling nauseous and mumbling. I’m going to die as you feel your arteries harden. – Baxter

The Banana Vanilla Squat Cronut has the perfect balance of flavor, with neither the banana or vanilla overpowering the other; however, the excessive amount of icing on top can make certain bites too sweet. – Dennis

Bacon -> sick…in both senses. Initially bacon smokiness followed by rich sweetness but amplified, perhaps too much, by the buttery oily consistency. – Gareth

I just ate a dime-sized piece of the frosting on the bacon one, and I feel like I’m going to have an aneurysm. – Liz

Too oily to be a guilty pleasure. It was not good. – Florence

Toooo greasy. – Nicol & Lyndon

The bacon was a bit overwhelming at the first bite, but quickly faded away when the chocolate filling kicked in. Nice warm fluffliesh texture, it was a bit like tasting an extremely good more dense pain au chocolat. – Alex

Thank you Alex for working your magic and picking up the squats and thanks CreativeFeed team for being our guinea pigs!