Summer nuts: Dunkin’ Donut’s Lemonade Doughnut [REVIEW]

Before the 4th of July holiday festivities, the Doughnut Nation team decided to try out Dunkin’ Donuts summer release: lemonade doughnut. We purchased half a dozen along with a box of Munchkins®, and opened up the test kitchen.

Needless to say, not big fans. As the sweet and slightly sour frosting and lemon ‘chunks‘ were a nice balance to the thick, standard Dunkin’ dough, once we hit that yellow filling, it reminded of…grossness. Lemony grossness. More like a lemon-flavored cough drop that was oozing. Kinda ruined summer for us.

But not all was lost…we still had our Munchkins®. And about a million other doughnut spots to check out in the city!

[Reviewed by DN team: @theresag | @kdchickenbutt | @baxtertownsend]