Dough in Brooklyn

DOUGH gets great reviews. Rated #1 by Village Voice last year .  I just recently heard of them, via Laughing Man Coffee (Hugh Jackman’s place in Tribeca) so rode out to Bed-Stuy to sample the fare this morning.  The dough at Dough is big & yeasty — reminded me of wonderfully rich fresh bread, made the in the shape of a doughnut topped with a some thoughtful & interesting glazes:  hibiscus, chocolate, regular glaze, etc.  To my taste, the doughnuts at Dough are just a bit too much of a meal.  I tried the glazed, cinnamon sugar, and chocolate with nibs.  Very nice, very big doughnuts — I can see why they are so highly rated in NYC — but for me, just a little to much dough in these Doughnuts.