Outside the Parkside Cafe in Stinson Beach


In the shadow of Mount Tam, in Stinson Beach, California, is the Parkside Cafe.  They make small cake doughnuts here in small batches, using the small deep fryer that sits on the counter outside the main restaurant.  In the early morning, the locals mill about, possibly drawn by the smell of fresh coffee and doughnuts.  These are a cross between a beignet and a cake doughnut.  Served warm (fresh from the fryer) on a paper napkin and coated with a thick layer of still-molten dark rich chocolate ora heavy coat of cinnamon sugar.  Nubbins of

ParkSide Cafe

crunchy dough on the outside, light cake on the inside, a strong luxurious topping that can only come from something hand-dipped.  A couple of these and a hot black coffee as the sun peeks over Mount Tam, is a fine way to start the day.

Mount Tam Sunrise