Dinkel’s in Chicago

Dinkel’s Doughnuts on Chicago’s North Lincoln Ave. Chocolate frosting so generous it pools around the fluffy cake doughnuts. Friendly crew in an old school bakery setting that is as authentic as it is welcoming. Also haven’t seen sour cream old fashions outside of Peter Pan’s in Greenpoint. Great location for doughnuts on the north side […]

New Workout Plan: Le Petit Bakery’s Squats [REVIEW]

We jumped on the bandwagon. The Doughnut Nation team gave in and decided to test out Le Petit Bakery’s squats. Yep, not cronuts. Squats. Named after the fact that you’ll have to do tons of squats after eating them, these cronut-like donuts are square shaped and deep fried. Le Petit Bakery is located in Fort […]

Doggy Doughnuts

Hayward, Wisconsin, home to all things Musky, is also home to Sophie’s Dog Bakery & Boutique http://www.sophiesdogbakery.net  And Sophie’s has one of the best looking display of doughnuts (and other baked items) for dogs I’ve ever seen!  I cannot attest to the taste of the goods, but the very nice ladies in the shop are worth […]

Summer nuts: Dunkin’ Donut’s Lemonade Doughnut [REVIEW]

Before the 4th of July holiday festivities, the Doughnut Nation team decided to try out Dunkin’ Donuts summer release: lemonade doughnut. We purchased half a dozen along with a box of Munchkins®, and opened up the test kitchen. Needless to say, not big fans. As the sweet and slightly sour frosting and lemon ‘chunks‘ were […]

Tobies in Hinkely, Minnesota

Halfway between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Hayward, Wisconsin is Hinkley, Minnesota and Tobies Restaurant & Bakery.  There was a crush of customers, so no time to talk with the doughnut-makers, but their work is clearly popular.   The raised chocolate doughnut is a slightly sweet white bun with a heavy spread of medium-dark chocolate frosting; the cake […]

Best Doughnuts in DC

Best Doughnuts in DC After sampling 250 doughnuts, The Washington Post has weighed in with the top 10 in and aROUND the DC area. 

Dough in Brooklyn

DOUGH gets great reviews. Rated #1 by Village Voice last year .  I just recently heard of them, via Laughing Man Coffee (Hugh Jackman’s place in Tribeca) so rode out to Bed-Stuy to sample the fare this morning.  The dough at Dough is big & yeasty — reminded me of wonderfully rich fresh bread, made […]

Outside the Parkside Cafe in Stinson Beach

In the shadow of Mount Tam, in Stinson Beach, California, is the Parkside Cafe.  They make small cake doughnuts here in small batches, using the small deep fryer that sits on the counter outside the main restaurant.  In the early morning, the locals mill about, possibly drawn by the smell of fresh coffee and doughnuts. […]